DPB Investment services and Referrals to a Permitted Third Party (PTP)

Although we are not authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to conduct investment business, we are licensed by the ICAEW to provide certain limited investment services where these are complementary to, or arise out of, the professional services we are providing to you.

In particular, we may:

  • advise you on investments generally, but not recommend a particular investment or type of investment;
  • refer you to a Permitted Third Party (PTP) (an independent firm authorised by the FCA), assist you and the PTP during the course of any advice given by that party and comment on, or explain, the advice received (but not make alternative recommendations). The PTP will issue you with his own terms and conditions letter, will be remunerated separately for his services and will take full responsibility for compliance with the requirements of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. For the avoidance of doubt it is the PTP only who will offer the advice not this firm.
  • advise you in connection with the disposal of an investment, other than your rights in a pension policy or scheme; advise and assist you in transactions concerning shares or other securities not quoted on a recognised exchange;
  • assist you in arrangements for transactions in investments in certain circumstances; andŸmanage investments or act as trustee (or donee of a power of attorney) where decisions to invest are taken on the advice of an authorised person.
  • The following paragraph applies to corporate clients only -

    We may also, on the understanding that the shares or other securities of the company are not publicly traded:

  • advise the company, existing or prospective shareholders in relation to exercising rights, taking benefits or share options, valuations and methods of such valuations;
  • arrange any agreements in connection with the issue, sale or transfer of the company's shares or other securities;
  • arrange for the issue of new shares; and
  • act as the addressee to receive confirmation of acceptance of offer documents etc.
  • The firm may receive commission from any introduction to a PTP in connection with the above, in which case you will be fully informed of the expected size and nature of such commission at the time we are aware of the quantum and terms of such commission.

    Such commission from a PTP will be held in our clients' account until we receive instructions from you as to how it should be treated.

    On each occasion we receive a commission or benefit from an introduction to a PTP we will seek your instruction as to how the receipt shall be dealt. We will seek your written authority on an ongoing basis to retain all or some of such commissions ongoing for the introduction to the PTP and for the support services we offer you generally and/or in relation to the introduction to the PTP.

    In the event we cannot reach agreement with you on the quantum of retention we may use such monies against any fees that have been outstanding for 30 days or more and which you are not in dispute with us.

    If you are dissatisfied in any way about our services described in this section, you should follow the procedures set out in the ”Quality Control” section of these terms and, in the unlikely event that we cannot meet our liabilities to you, you may be able to claim compensation under the Chartered Accountants Compensation Scheme.