Virtual Finance Director

Expect more focus, clarity and empowered decision making with our Finance Director Service (MRFD).

Expect more focus, clarity and empowered decision making with our McDade Roberts Finance Director Service (MRFD).

Your Business

  • Are you too busy growing your business to take a helicopter view of your financial position?
  • Would you like to improve your decision making, based on information not just instinct?
  • Do you want to extract yourself from day to day operations to become more strategic?
  • Would you benefit from overall wealth management, not just for your business, but also to gain exit strategy clarity and help to meet long term personal goals?

Our MRFD Service can help you for a quarter of the cost of employing an in house FD.

Why Trust Us?

  • We have experience working with 1000+ businesses
  • We give our clients confidence and certainty in decision making
  • Based on facts, we help you become more agile, proactivity and opportunistic to maximise growth
  • Outsource your finance headaches to us and gain access to Director level finance experience at a fraction of the in house cost
  • Our MR Directors are part of a 40+ team to help with any aspect of finance. The service we offer is bespoke and can grow with your needs

Our MRFD Promise To You

  • We promise we’ll be there before you need us
  • We promise to put you confidently back in control
  • We promise to support you to be successful and offer a valuable fresh perspective
  • We promise you’ll never feel alone

The MRFD Service Package

  • Initial 3 month Transformational Financial Health Improvement Programme then a monthly rolling contract to hold your hand through growth
  • Financial Health Check and Deep Dive Review
  • Financial Health Transformational Plan
  • Accountability and execution of plan
  • High level financial improvement experts on tap when you need us
  • Tangible KPI reporting for people, performance, processes & potential (Traffic Light System)
  • Access to experts, corporate strategy, business planning, tax & legal expertise
  • Timely access to accurate financial information about your business
  • Weekly check ins
  • Monthly in person meeting
  • Board meeting attendance

What a recent MRFD client, LCM has to say:

“Our Finance Director sadly suddenly died and left us not knowing what needed to be done. The MR FD Service saved the day as Kevin quickly stepped in and helped get everything in place from VAT payments to bookkeeping and organising all our finance processes and KPI’s. His help was really appreciated at a critical point for our business as it alleviated worry and stress that we could miss something, in fact it must have been tough to step into but Kevin handled it with ease.”