22 May 2020

The National Living Wage and the National Minimum Wage

At McDade Roberts we have a dedicated payroll department to help our clients get rid of payroll headaches. One question our team are asked is about the National Living Wage and National Minimum wage. Read on for more information.

15 May 2020

Business Rates Relief and Related Government Support

A quick summary of the business rates relief to make sure you are getting the help you are entitled to.

24 Apr 2020

How To Claim For Your Employees' Wages Through The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS)

Many clients at McDade Roberts have been in touch to discuss the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme therefore we thought the below blog would be of interest to many people in the Lancashire area.

21 Apr 2020

JOB RETENTION SCHEME – Frequently Asked Questions

The pace of changes in brought in by the Chancellor is unprecedented. At McDade Roberts we have been asked by many clients about the new Job Retention Scheme. Below is a quick guide of the most frequently asked questions based on information available as at 29 March 2020.

09 Apr 2020

McDade Roberts Welcome Christine Richards as a New Director

The team at McDade Roberts would like to say congratulations to Christine Richards, the latest Director to be appointed within the growing business. Following a 13 year career with McDade Roberts, Christine became a Director and shareholder of the business in April 2020.

01 Apr 2020

Tax Institute Welcomes Delay of Making Tax Digital ‘Phase Two’

Here at McDade Roberts we are extremely busy keeping up to date with all the many changes to the tax and benefits system so that we can help our clients. One new announcement is about the delay of the Phase Two Making Tax Digital initiative. Below is a press release from The Chartered Institute of Taxation on this topic.

19 Mar 2020

Employee Expenses – What You Need To Know

Do you ever question which expenses your employees can claim? Here at McDade Roberts we are often asked to clarify this topic for our clients so we hope the below article is helpful.

06 Mar 2020

A Quick Guide To National Insurance

At McDade Roberts we have a dedicated payroll department that our clients can outsource their payroll headaches to. One such headache can be keeping up to speed with National Insurance. Below is a quick guide to help you.

20 Feb 2020

VAT Flat Rate Scheme – What You Need To Know

At Mcdade Roberts Accountants, we often get businesses contacting us with VAT questions. One question is should they join the Flat Rate Scheme. Read on to find out if it may or may not be right for your business.

14 Feb 2020

VAT - Cash Accounting – What You Need To Know

At McDade Roberts we agree that revenue is vanity and profit is sanity. We also agree that cash is king. Read on to find out more about cash accounting related to VAT.

10 Feb 2020

A Quick Guide To Recovering VAT on Staff Expenses

Who made VAT so complex is a question we will not go into but here at McDade Roberts we aim to take the confusion away for our clients. Below is a quick guide to one question we receive - how to recover VAT on staff expenses.

17 Jan 2020

VAT Do’s and Don’ts – A Quick MR Checklist

Keep on the correct side of HMRC but following our quick guide to some VAT do’s and don’ts below.

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