12 Apr 2019

Capital Gains Tax and Your Family Home

At McDade Roberts we help individual tax needs as well as for businesses. One area we can help advise you on is capital gains tax calculations. Capital gains tax (CGT) exemption for gains made on the sale of your home is one of the most valuable reliefs from which many people benefit during their lifetime. CGT exemption includes whatever the level of the capital gain is on the sale of any property that has been your main residence. Read on to find out more.

05 Apr 2019

Apprenticeship Levy - What You Need To Know

At McDade Roberts accountants we have a team of 40 people across 4 offices in Preston, Longridge, Bamber Bridge and Garstang. We are a busy team so we are always keen to recruit the right people who share our friendly customer service ethic and we are also keen to train and grow our existing staff to continue to meet the needs of our clients.

22 Mar 2019

Changes To Capital Allowances

At McDade Roberts we advise our customers on the latest legislation and budget changes. Chancellor Philip Hammond used the 2018 Autumn Budget to unveil significant changes to the capital allowances regime so we decided to explain below what has changed.

15 Mar 2019

The Employment Allowance – What You Need To Know

At McDade Roberts we have a dedicated payroll department where you can outsource your payroll headaches to.

27 Feb 2019

Self Assessment & Personal Tax – A Quick Guide

At McDade Roberts we help hundreds of individuals keep complaint with their self-assessment needs.

22 Feb 2019

Allowable Expenses - A Very Quick Guide

At McDade Roberts we are often asked: “What expenses can I claim now that I am self-employed?” The rather glib answer is “anything that relates to your business”.

06 Feb 2019

2018 McDade Roberts Accountants Client Satisfaction Results

Each year at McDade Roberts accountants we ask our customers to complete a client satisfaction survey and we are once again very pleased with the results.

01 Feb 2019

Private Residence Relief Cuts

At McDade Roberts we help a wide range of clients with property tax issues so we are always watching changes to taxation legislation. A recent change that is having an impact is the change to private residence relief.

16 Jan 2019

Separation and Divorce – The Tax Implications

At McDade Roberts, we don’t just deal with businesses. We deal with individuals too. We are here to make the accounting side of life easier, whatever life throws at you. It is an unfortunate fact of modern life that many marriages do not survive.

03 Jan 2019

Raising Business Finance – Your Options

At McDade Roberts we help hundreds of businesses around Preston, Longridge, Bamber Bridge and Garstang to grow. Sometime the way to growth is to secure business finance.

14 Dec 2018

Personal Tax - When is Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax Payable?

At McDade Roberts we help hundreds of individuals with their tax returns. Under the self assessment regime, an individual is responsible for ensuring that their tax liability is calculated and any tax owing is paid on time.

05 Dec 2018

VAT - Cash Accounting

At McDade Roberts accountants in Preston, Bamber Bridge, Longridge and Garstang, we often get questions relating to VAT. One area that can cause confusion is cash accounting. Cash accounting enables a business to account for and pay VAT on the basis of cash received and paid rather than on the basis of invoices issued and received.

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