Top 7 Questions M.R. Financial Services Are Asked

Our sister company, M.R. Financial Services work closely with many of our clients to help them increase and protect the wealth they have made. We asked Matt from M.R. Financial Services for a list of the most common questions their clients ask them and their answers. Read below to find out more.

  1. Question: I would like to reduce my tax bill. Is there a way you may be able to help?

Answer:If you are not paying much into a pension, then yes we certainly may be able to help. We offer free initial reviews of your current pension provisions and it can be an efficient way to reduce corporation tax if you are the owner of a company.

  1. Question: How should I pay my pension premiums?

Answer: If you are a company director you could get the company to pay them for you. This is a cost to the business which will reduce your corporation tax bill. It is one of the few ways of you getting money out of the firm without it being treated as a benefit in kind. 

  1. Question: How do I know my current Independent Financial Adviser is a good one?

Answer: When did you last see him/her? If it was in the past 12 months, that sounds like a good service. If not, why don't you arrange a no obligation meeting with M.R. Financial Services for an independent review. We can review your pensions and your investments. For example, you may have several pensions that are invested to different retirement dates in funds that are no longer suitable. We can review these to ensure they are correctly invested for you.

  1. Question: I am worried about my pension. I cannot live on £164.35pw/ £8,546pa state pension. What should I do?

Answer: This is a full state pension at 67. Let M.R. Financial Services show you how to build up additional savings for retirement.

  1. Question: What should I do about low interest rate? My savings are not growing as I would like.

Answer: With historically low interest rates we can provide you with alternatives to basic saving rates. We offer a free initial consultation to help you make the most of your savings.

  1. Question: We have worked hard for our money and have already paid enough tax! What should I be thinking about for Inheritance Tax planning?

Answer: We can assess your Inheritance Tax liability and help you reduce or even eliminate a future tax bill.

  1. Question: Should my company be paying the premiums for my life assurance policy?

Answer: A few years ago, the rules changed so that in certain circumstances a company can

pay the life assurance premiums on behalf of a director. Get in touch if you would like to know more.

Matt concludes “The first meeting with M.R. Financial Services is free of cost and obligation. We do look after investments for clients but not everything involves taking a risk as it is possible to invest into risk free or guaranteed areas. We no longer charge commission on pensions and investments so it is a very transparent service. We are a very approachable team and welcome any enquiries for an initial free meeting”.

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