First Year As Director – A Chat With Christine

At McDade Roberts we are proud to have seen many of our staff rise through the ranks and enjoy long careers with our accountancy practice. This is one of the reasons our client satisfaction surveys highlight the approachable and friendly nature of working with McDade Roberts as we really are like a family.

Christine Richards, the latest Director to be appointed within our growing business has been a member of the team since 2007. Her career has grown alongside the McDade Roberts business so we thought it would be interesting to do an interview with her following her first year as a director of the business.

Christine explains, “Having worked for McDade Roberts since September 2007, I thought I was somewhat prepared when I took on my role as Director in April 2020, as it turned out, the world had different ideas and just as my new role started, so did a global pandemic! This posed new challenges, not just for me, or for the business as a whole, but also for our clients.

I'd expected my new role to be one of juggling additional responsibilities, but I hadn't expected that to include, remote working, home-schooling a 3 year old and 5 year old, and Zoom calls with clients!

Looking back on the last 12-18 months, I'm proud of the McDade Roberts team, who have pulled together, helping each other and clients through a difficult time, assisting with furlough and government grants.

As lockdowns came to an end, I've really enjoyed getting back out to meet clients again, seeing their businesses and even on one occasion, enjoying a tour of a pig farm.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the next twelve months may bring…”

Christine is equally at home in a pair of wellies as she is in a boardroom and her down to earth and approachable style is synonymous with what makes McDade Roberts such a trusted partner for hundreds of Lancashire businesses.

If you would like to speak to Christine, please get in touch with the Longridge office to arrange a chat. The first consultation is always free so you have nothing to lose.