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Helping practices help their clients every day

What are the benefits?

Improves your Cash flow
Benefit of paying affordable monthly instalments rather than one lump sum.
No details of the work done for you is passed onto Orchard. Orchard will not approach you to sell any other services or products.
Orchard's funding does not impact on any other current or planned borrowings that you may have.
Either e-sign or sign a credit agreement and Direct Debit form and return to your accountant.

What is the Orchard Accountants Fee Plan?

Orchard Funding can provide a facility to you, which enables you to spread the fees due to your accountant over a period of ten or twelve months.

How does this service work?

You choose the best option for fee payment by using the Payment Calculator below:

Then once you have chosen your payment period call Catherine at the Fulwood Branch and ask her to provide you with all the details and a simple document for signature.

If you are happy with the contents, all you have to do is sign online or return the relevant paper work to your accountant.