Probate Services

For those left behind dealing with the financial affairs of a close relative can be a complicated task at the best of times but with the ever-changing tax and legal systems it can also be a time consuming and complex experience.

Our new probate service is designed to help families through this difficult time. We provide an efficient, timely, sensitive and professional service and ensure that you receive impartial advice whenever necessary. Specifically, we offer:

  • Tax planning and advice to try and minimise the tax payable on death and during the administration period
  • The option to be appointed as Executors in your Will to work alongside your family
  • Help and assistance in identifying assets and liabilities of the Estate and provide a full valuation for Probate purposes
  • Assistance with the Probate application and obtaining the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration
  • Completion of the relevant Inheritance Tax returns and negotiating with HMRC regarding all Inheritance Tax liabilities and payments
  • Administration of the Estate to include collecting all assets, settling all liabilities and legacies and completion of the complex tax forms and negotiating with HMRC when required
  • Preparation of detailed Estate accounts and liaising with the family and all beneficiaries.
  • Advice to beneficiaries in connection with estate planning and deeds of variation as appropriate

We believe that there is a clear tie in between services that we already provide such as Inheritance Tax planning and submission of the returns to HMRC and filing for the grant of probate so the process can now be seamlessly brought together. Simply contact us to speak to our probate specialists in confidence if you would like to know more.

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